Sell ​​your house with a real estate broker

Sell ​​your house with a real estate broker, yes or no? The decision seems to be very simple. In many cases it is, but as a real estate broker I often meet people who are in a sales situation who are not always satisfied with the results.

My role as a real estate broker is not only to help the seller establish a realistic selling price. My mandate is to guide my clients, to prepare them for the sales process in order to help them make good decisions.

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I engage my clients in a conversation to determine the appropriate course of action for their particular situation. Here are two essential questions every homeowner should consider before putting his house up for sale.

Do I understand all the implications of my decision to sell?


The process of selling a home is often exciting when surrounded by experienced professionals. However, it must be remembered that it is also a costly process. There are many fees associated with selling a residential property and it is important to identify them before starting this process to avoid unpleasant surprises. The goal is to make sure you make a profitable decision based on your financial situation.

These ‘closing costs’ could include:

Brokerage fees for your real estate broker,

Possibly fees for the surveyor and a new certificate of location,

If you have a mortgage on your property, maybe you will face a termination penalty.

You will probably have to hire a moving company and possibly you will need storage services.

Again we did not calculate the building inspection, the notary fees, the welcome tax, and the cost of the renovations!

Is my property in a proper state to be put on the market?


When making the decision to sell your house, it is essential to make sure that the house and the backyard are clean and well maintained. The charm of the property will be one of the determining factors in their decision of potential buyers.

When an interested buyer realizes a lot of bugs when visiting a home, even if in fact these deficiencies are minimal, automatically they will have a slightly negative impression of the house and adopt a disenchanted attitude towards your property. You risk losing this buyer and you are the victim of a missed opportunity. This scenario must be avoided.

When you go on sale, you must ask yourself if there are improvements or repairs to be made to the house. The answer may increase the chances of finally selling and even getting a better price. Many improvements can be simple and cheap, and some can be complicated and expensive.

This is necessary to convince a buyer to make a serious offer

This is necessary to convince a buyer to make a serious offer

For example, consider replacing a bulb that is burned. Eliminate this famous paperwork in plain sight in the corner of the room. Again, give new life to the walls with a layer of fresh paint of a beautiful color. Perhaps it’s a good time to replace the broken fence. And if your roof is in a visibly tired state, with missing, lifted or frayed bards? In the latter case, consider hiring a professional to do the renovations.

Do not hesitate to ask your broker: what can I do to increase my chances of concluding a successful transaction? Consider both of these questions before you put your house up for sale, and you’ll be in a good position to make good real estate decisions.

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